PAINTER | PHOTOGRAPHER | DESIGNER   B. Env. Studies   |   B. Political Science   |   B. Env. Design

Art is both a struggle and a privilege. One must fight fiercely to pursue it. But through its practice one will learn about love, beauty, faith, death, and all the subtle nuances that give life its great richness; And one will surely grow as a person.

I have been a practicing artist for over 15 years. I currently work in design and sales of architectural product where I also do a great deal of graphic and interior design. I run a studio where I explore painting and photography and I co-host EAT YOUR ARTS & VEGETABLES on CKUW 95.9 FM every Thursday at 5:30 pm. My special areas of interest are religious mythology and architecture.


In the past I have worked abroad as a professional sculptor, teaching art classes for Learning Through the Arts, as an artistic director assistant on films made in Winnipeg, as an art dealer, and as an interior design consultant. My work is currently carried by the Winnipeg Art Gallery Art Rental & Sales.


Pursuing art as an occupation has been a long and varied journey to this point. Over the years I’ve had to do many different occupations to get by, but I’ve always made time to pursue my true interest- the visual arts. It has been tough at times, but at times very rewarding.

Through my participation in the arts I’ve had the opportunity experience the sheer rapture that one experiences from creating something from just a thought, I’ve seen that same exhilaration in children through teaching, I’ve had the opportunity to help people re-design their living space to more accurately represent the life they wish to live, and I’ve had the opportunity to interview and get to know many great artists and benefit from their experiences.

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