I’m not trained as a graphic designer, but years ago I began teaching myself Photoshop and I’ve become quite adept with it. I began by designing my own business cards and art posters and for years I designed many of the posters and invites for Outworks Art Gallery to advertise our public art shows. I’ve had occasion to design posters for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, ads for various agencies and artists, business cards and I currently do most of the ad work for Fort Rouge Glass as well as various side projects.


When I finished my undergrad in Architecture, I left with the intention of establishing myself as a furniture designer. In this section you’ll see a few examples of early furniture designs I did many years ago. For years I worked with Design Manitoba as an interior design consultant. There I had the opportunity to develop my aesthetic and when I finally got the opportunity to work as a designer all that early work had paid off.


Today I run a sub division for Fort Rouge Glass called SSG Notion. It is there stainless steel railing and staircase division and I work closely with clients to develop their concepts and create their design. I work very closely with two very talented installers to create the final design.


Valentyn Hrytsay is my lead installer and the genius behind our operation. He has years of construction knowledge and a passion for contemporary design. Igor Tyutunnyk is his assistant and a valuable part of our creative process. Together we have contributed to some of Manitoba’s most contemporary interiors.